About The Luxury Townhomes at Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills

What are the types and sizes of units?

The proposed community will be a mix of two- and three-bedroom units consisting of two-bed / 2 bath “villas” and three-bed / 2.5 bath townhomes. All units will include either a one or two car garage. Some units will include the primary bedroom on the first floor. Some units will include a basement.

How much will each unit cost?

At this time, it is estimated that the base price of units will begin at $999,000.

What is the maintenance each month?

The estimated maintenance cost per unit will be $450 per month.

How much will residents pay in taxes?

Estimated taxes are based on the size of the unit and other factors. Per unit, it is estimated that residents will pay an average of $8,229 annually in property taxes.

Are the units rental apartments or do residents own them?

The units are luxury townhouses, not apartments.

All units will be owner-occupied townhome units.

How many children will live in the community?

Based on similar communities and associated data, it is estimated that no school age children will reside at Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills as this will be an age-restricted community.

How many buildings will be constructed?

Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will include residential luxury townhomes and villas, one community clubhouse and a guard booth.

What is the size of the property?

Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will be constructed on approximately 24 acres.


How long will it take to build?

It is estimated that it will take 24-30 months from the time ground is broken until completion of construction.

Will local labor be used?

Yes, local labor and local contractors will be used to construct Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills.

How many local construction jobs will be created?

It is estimated that more than 375 full-time equivalent (FTE) construction jobs will be created during the construction of Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills.

Who currently owns the property?

A local neighborhood family has purchased the property and will be the developers for Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills. They are committed to making Vanderbilt Estates an exceptional neighborhood in the Dix Hills community where neighbors can stay and live a maintenance-free lifestyle near their family members. The character of the neighborhood is very important to the developers and Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will blend in well to the current environment of the community.

What is the developers’ experience with projects like Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills?

The developers have been in business for more than 60 years and have extensive experience in all types of construction and development projects, locally and regionally. They have a tremendous reputation for quality and professionalism. 

Community Impact

Neighbors from adjoining properties, or who live within a close proximity of the development can anticipate and expect a beautiful and well-maintained, luxury residential community for those “55 and older.” The local community will benefit from experiencing less traffic, as well as a reduction in roadway noise. The building of this development will further enhance and improve local property values. Businesses will continue to operate on the property until permits are issued.

Economic Impact

Will jobs be created after the project is complete?

Between 15-20 full- and part-time equivalent jobs will be created following construction in maintenance, accounting, administration, etc.

What is the economic impact of the project locally?

The anticipated annual tax revenue is approximately $1.5 million.

How will this project impact property values?

This new development will improve local property values and elevate the desirability of the Dix Hills communities. This will also provide existing Dix Hills residents with housing options that enable them to stay within their neighborhood and live within a luxury, gate-community setting.

Will the project positively support local schools?

Of the $1.5 million in annual tax revenue, $1 million will go toward the local school district. There will be no significant impacts to children enrolling in the school district.

Environmental Impact

Will the buildings be environmentally friendly?

The architectural design of the buildings will be constructed with the latest methods and technologies, in compliance with all local building and energy conservation codes and regulations.

How will the project impact the local environment?

Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will have a positive impact on the local environment. Fewer cars and trucks producing fewer gas emissions will enhance air quality. Drinking water will not be impacted. Each luxury townhome will be equipped with the latest energy efficient appliances and materials.

How will the project enhance air quality?

Fewer cars, buses and diesel trucks entering and exiting the property will lead to enhanced local air quality. Dirt, dust and other particulates created through current uses of the properties will be eliminated as well. There will also be less pollution along Deer Park Avenue.

How will the development make the area safer?

There have been safety issues with cars parked on Deer Park Avenue that have led to countless accidents. Removing cars, trucks, heavy machinery and buses from Deer Park Avenue as well as adding a proposed traffic light will make driving in the area safer and reduce the potential for traffic accidents.

How will garbage and recycling be collected?

All garbage, refuse and recyclables will be carted by private carting companies hired by the proposed homeowner’s association.

Will this project be connected to local sewers?

This proposed community will have its own wastewater treatment facility and will utilize the latest technology.

What will be the impact on drinking water/water quality in the area?

This proposed community will be serviced by the Dix Hills Water District, providing quality drinking water to consumers.

Traffic and Noise Reduction

How will the redevelopment project reduce traffic?

Traffic studies indicate that changing the property from commercial use to residential use will drastically decrease the number of vehicles entering and exiting the property. The plan demonstrates a single access point that the developer plans to signalize, provided the New York State Department of Transportation determines that the trip generations warrant it.

The professional traffic impact analysis that accompanies the application of Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills demonstrates without equivocation that the trip generations associated with this age-restricted luxury community are far less than the current traffic generated by the existing day camp and nurseries.

There will no longer be buses, delivery vehicles or staff automobiles on the property, or personal vehicles parked along the shoulder of Deer Park Avenue. Overall, there will be a decrease in traffic from the current use to the proposed use. Heavy machinery and large trucks that currently need to enter and exit at multiple access points will no longer be a concern.

Study after study have demonstrated that residential communities such as Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills do not pose any significant or perceptible impacts upon existing traffic conditions.

Deer Park Avenue is a New York State highway that sees in excess of 30,000 cars per day passing the subject property. The developer’s recommendation to add a traffic signal is offered as a safety mitigation for residents that live in the community, including Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills.

How will the project reduce noise?

Noise levels will be significantly reduced by eliminating heavy machinery, large trucks, buses, and less cars.

Consistency with the Town of Huntington’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan

Is Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills Consistent with The Town of Huntington’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan?


Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills is consistent with and encouraged by the Horizons 2020 Comprehensive Plan for Development. Chapter 9 of the Horizons 2020 Comprehensive Plan is dedicated to housing needs in the Town of Huntington and provides. The plan can be found here.

Will the project support the Town of Huntington’s Horizons 2020 Comprehensive Plan relating to meeting the housing needs of the towns aging population?


Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills supports the Town of Huntington’s goals of providing more housing for both the towns and Long Island’s aging population.

It is widely reported, and census data demonstrates that there is an aging demographic in the Town of Huntington in particular, and Long Island in general. The subject industrialized property, fronting on a divided state highway, is precisely the type of repurposing of land that the Horizons 2020 Comprehensive Plan (and the legislative intent of the proposed zoning district) contemplate. In fact, Policy G.3 seeks the promotion of a diversified housing stock to meet the changing demographics of Huntington’s population. In particular, a primary goal includes an increase in “attached residential/mixed-use developments to replace marginal and obsolescent uses along larger scale commercial corridor,” such as the subject property where Vanderbilt

Estates Dix Hills will be constructed. Deer Park Avenue is a New York State highway that sees in excess of 30,000 cars per day passing the subject property. 

Spot Zoning

Are the developers seeking spot zoning changes to allow for construction to move forward?


Spot zoning is a “catchy phrase” which has legal and planning implications, none of which exists in relation to Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills.

The Town of Huntington’s Garden Apartment Special District is a misnomer as this zoning classification is customarily used for most, if not all, owner-occupied condominium complexes that exist today in the Town of Huntington. As the name connotes, this special district floats and is intended to act as a transition zone between lower density traditional housing and as here, with the busy divided state highway. The proposed project is consistent with, and in conformity with, the Town’s comprehensive plan for development.

The New York State Court of Appeals has ruled repeatedly that the rezoning of property, consistent with accepted and carefully reviewed land use planning techniques, in conformance with a municipality’s comprehensive plan for development, does not constitute “spot zoning.”

For Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills, the proposed R-3M zone is residential, as opposed to the industrial and commercial use, the way the property is currently being used today.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Will there be a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) on the Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills Property?

An appropriately sized, state-of-the-art environmentally friendly, underground sewage treatment plant will be located on the site. It will drastically reduce harmful nitrogen from entering the aquifer. To the casual observer, the three-acre property under the STP will appear as open space.

The plant is more efficient and offers greater protection to the environment that the current antiquated single family septic tanks systems that are currently in use in Dix Hills.

Age Restriction

Will Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills remain luxury, age-restricted, senior (55+) housing in perpetuity?


Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills must and will remain 55+ in perpetuity. Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will be a luxury, owner-occupied, age-restricted gated community that will predominantly cater to local residents who want to downsize and live a maintenance-free lifestyle and remain near their family, friends, preferred physicians, health facilities, shopping, entertainment, dining and places of worship.

As a condition of zone change approval, and as a requirement of the townhome offering plan to be approved by the New York State Attorney General, Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will be maintained in perpetuity as a luxury, age-restricted community, where the units will be owner-occupied.


This proposed luxury townhome gated-community, Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills, will be built on approximately 24 acres of previously utilized commercially land.

The local neighborhood family developers are committed to making Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills an exceptional option for neighbors to stay in the place they call home and live a maintenance-free lifestyle in a luxury, active adult community close to their children and grandchildren. Living at Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will allow residents to age in place and also be close to friends, preferred physicians and health care facilities, shopping, entertainment, dining and places of worship.

New York State and Long Island are currently faced with a major housing crisis. Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will provide housing for a large demographic that is in search of new Long Island luxury living developments for those 55 and older with a desire to live a maintenance- free lifestyle and remain in or near their home communities.

Vanderbilt Estate Dix Hill’s attractive, luxury townhome design and landscape architecture will fit with and enhance the aesthetics of the neighborhood and improve local property values. The community’s proximity to both the Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway provides easy access to all points on Long Island.

Recent traffic studies indicate that by changing the three properties from commercial use to residential use, there will be a significant reduction in traffic, noise and air pollution. Less traffic and trucks will also preserve roads, reduce infrastructure damage, and decrease the number of automobile accidents on this busy corridor.

The project will have a significant economic impact as it will create over 375 jobs during the 24–30-month construction period and an additional 15-20 full-time equivalent jobs post-construction. Vanderbilt Estates Dix Hills will generate $1.5 million in property taxes annually, of which, $1 million will go toward the local school district.